Thursday, May 8, 2014


Today our store opened on You can purchase books we have printed directly from our store and shipping will be much easier. I've wanted to do this for some time, but hadn't figured out how to do it. It's an exciting day here at the office. More books will be published as we print them. Also, keep in touch for sale items. I put an ad on Facebook that will start tomorrow. It's a trial to see how it goes. Please "Like" it.

Plenty of things are keeping us busy. Our oldest granddaughter graduates from high school May 17. Where did the time go? I remember the first time I saw her. She was a long, scrawny little thing. She's still long. Very tall and looks like a model. Of course, that's Grandma's observation. I am so proud of her. She'll enter David Lipscomb University in Nashville in the fall and will major in music. I'll try to put pictures on next Sunday night.

Why Sunday night instead of Tuesday or Thursday? Monday morning, May 19, I will be having another abdominal surgery. My ninth. Not many more places that don't have scars. This one is not as bad as the last one in October. I have a small hernia, which a friend has named Henrietta. Henrietta has been causing me a lot of pain. It's hard to sit and walk up steps. My surgeon says he can "fix it." I pray he can. I've had ten years of torture.

My hospital stay should be short, but I'll have about six weeks recovery. When I have surgery, my eyes go haywire. I have a hard time adjusting to words. Everyone has told me I'll have time to write, but when you can't see what you've written, it's hard. I will regain my vision in about two weeks. Thankfully, I can adjust my fonts on both my Kindle and my tablet. I have downloaded a bunch of books to read.

The booksigning went well at Shop-O-Rama. That is such a fascinating store. You can buy anything from clothes, decor, tools, hardware and even a galvanized bathtub. I appreciate all the nice people who visited me there. I hope to get a picture up soon.

Hoping all mothers have a wonderful Mother's Day. We're having a breakfast at church on Saturday morning. It should be enjoyable. Happy Mother's Day!