Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back From ACFW Conference

American Christian Writers Conference was wonderful. It was in St. Louis, and I had driven through there but never stopped except to eat. We stayed in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It was so nice, and I truly enjoyed the stay.

I met new friends and renewed acquaintances with friends I have had for several years. The new friends are wonderful, but to be able to talk again to my old friends was even better, except for meeting friends I had talked to via internet.

Books were in abundance. I bought a couple of DiAnn Mills books, and the ACFW always gives us some. I think I came home with eight.  Two of them were presented to me by author friends. I can't wait to get started reading them. I'll have plenty of time over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I go to the hospital for very serious surgery. I have a hernia on my left side and it has looped around my large and small intestines. This surgery is a must, and the doctor says it is high risk. I feel I have the best doctor. I trust in him completely. I pray that the Lord gives him calm hands.

Am I scared? Yes, but not as much as I thought I would be. I think my husband is more concerned than I am. He won't let me do anything right now but rest. I think I have rested up enough, and I want to do some things around the house, but he says,"no" I can't do anything. Anyway, I won't be on the computer for at least a week. I will try to get back on as soon as I can. It's hard to write in the hospital, so I will be free from the computer for a couple of days.

I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful friends that have prayed for me. Please continue. If you are on my Face Book, my daughter will be updating it. That's about all for now. I'll write again as soon as I can.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Winners of Captive Trail

Two names were drawn for the winner of Captive Trail. Drum roll please... The winners are Regina Merrick and Linda Wagner. I am so happy for these two. Linda, my husband will put yours in the mail Wednesday, after Susan signs it. Susan doesn't know that, yet, but I know she'll be happy to do it. Regina, I'll see you at conference.

I started reading Captive Trail Saturday. It is so good. I'm enjoying it so much, but I doubt if I will be able to read much before conference.

It's hard to believe we will be leaving soon for conference. Just a few days and the excitement will be strong. I am excited to be going. Not only do I get to see all my friends that I made at the last conference, but I get to make new ones. Besides the classes, and the amount of things we will learn, that is the best part.

I won't be able to write until I get back Sunday, but I will be thinking of wonderful things to write. As soon as I get home, I will be preparing for surgery. I have mixed emotions about it. It is a very serious surgery and a high risk. From all I have heard, I have the best doctor around. I do depend on the Lord to guide his hands.

Another thing that has happened in our family is our oldest granddaughter has broken her leg. The doctor says it looks like a clean break, so hopefully it won't include surgery. There's never a dull moment in our family.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Contest Ends Tomorrow

This will be very short, but the drawing will close at 12:00 midnight tomorrow night. Someone told me they were having trouble posting on the blog. If you have trouble, you can email me at I will accept any entries that way.

If your name is drawn, and you will be attending ACFW, I'll bring the book with me. We can meet there, and I'll have Susan sign it. Good luck to everyone. Remember, I have two books to give away.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drawing Ends Saturday Night

Thanks for the entries so far. I am excited to give these books away. I want to get them mailed out before I leave for ACFW Conference. If you win and are planning to be at the conference, I'll bring it and give it to you there.

What do you think makes a good Indian/Western story?

The setting is important to me. Whether it is a desert type setting or a mountain setting, they are both beautiful, and the setting does a lot to tell the story.

Next, I want believable characters. Strong men and women. They don't have to be handsome men, but that helps. They have to be a character that I can identify with.

The story has to be active. Not monotone. I have to have something that raises my heartbeat. Something exciting. The best books are the ones I think I can't read another word. Then it draws me to pick it up and finish that scary scene.

There has to be an element of Christianity. I want good to win.

I like life stories. I like to kill off someone in a book. I'm getting ready to do that today. This guy is a handsome womanizer, and I want him out of the story. That happens in life, not in mine. In reality, it does happen.

I want a love story. Either they fall in love at first sight, or they hate each other and learn to love each other.

The last challenge is to make this into a good story of around 100,00 thousand words.

Tell me what you think makes a good story. It will go for the drawing of Captive Trail.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering 9/11

What were you doing on September 11 and the days following?

I worked at a newspaper, so we had pretty current news. One of the reporters came in the office where I worked and told us about the planes hitting the Twin Towers. I had been to New York City and seen the towers when they were still standing. In fact, I could see them from my hotel window. Then to hear that they were down was something hard to comprehend.

Our little newspaper kept us updated throughout the day. That afternoon I had a doctor's appointment ,and was told I had the flu, given two shots, and sent home. For the next several days, I was at home and watching it on the news. It's hard to believe that someone hated us so much that they would try to destroy as many people as they could.

It doesn't seem like it has been ten years. My daughter's birthday is today and that's one reason why I remember the date. I always think about it on her birthday.

Off the subject, I'm still running a give-away for Susan Page Davis' book, Captive Trail. Leave a comment and I will be giving two away. Yes, two books! I can run over to Susan's house and have them autographed. Be sure to leave your email address. If I don't have it, I can't get in touch with you.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Captive Trail

I love historical fiction. My favorite author has changed for a number of reasons. The most important is that my husband loves to read Susan Page Davis' books. She is a brilliant author and a wonderful friend. I love to sit down and read her books. I'm reading a novella called Christmas at Barncastle Inn. It is very good. Her book in the first one, and so far, that is the only one I have had a chance to read.

I received two copies of Captive Trail from Moody Publishers Wednesday, for marketing. I have not had a chance to read it yet, but my husband is reading it right now. He likes it. I'm anxious to start, but it will be next week before I can.

Here is the blurb on the back:
A girl has become a woman while in captivity. A stagecoach driver longs to take her home ot the home she barely remembers.
Taabe Waipu flees her Comanche village. Somewhere in southern Texas her real family lies in the white world. For years she's struggled to keep the memories from fading.
Butterfield Overland Main Company driver Ned Bright finds a woman, exhausted and injured, lying in the road. He takes her to a mission run by Ursuline nuns. With hard work, Ned discovers Taabe Waipu's identity. He plans to unite her with her family, but the Comanche have other ideas.
Doubt meets hope,and fear gives way to faith in the Morgan family.

This is a series of six books with six different authors. They are all about the Morgan family. I look forward to reading all six.

To enter you must leave a comment of why you would like the book, with your email address. If you do not leave your email address, you will be disqualified. The contest will run through September 17, 2011. At midnight CDT, the contest will close. The drawings will be random.

If this is like other books of Susan's, you will not be disappointed when you read it. Good luck!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello Hollywood

I think this was the funniest book I've read of Janice Thompson's. I laughed all through it and loved every minute of it.

If you've read Stars Collide, you'll remember Athena Pappas, the writer for the sitcom. She and Kat, the star of the sitcom, were best friends. All the characters are back in this book, plus a few more. One addition in is particular is Zeus, a Greek Domestic Dog. Never heard of that one, but he makes a big impact in the story.

Another writer joins the writing team, Stephen Cosso. He has a daughter, Brooke, who seems to not be adjusting to the move to L.A. from Veges. Stephen is handsome, witty, and an all around good guy. Sparks fly between Athena and Stephen.

A lot of action fills this book, as well as humor, which is something Janice writes very well. I enjoyed the book very much. Thanks, Janice, for such a good read.