Friday, January 29, 2010

Ransome's Honor

At times I get behind on my reading and stack my unread books to read when I have more time. That happened with Ransome's Honor. Now I wish I had taken the time to read it when I bought it. It's such a good book.

Kaye Dacus is the author. I had read her other books, but couldn't see this bouncy lady writing a historical novel. Her contempory books are so good. We all make mistakes, don't we. I made a big one. Her historical book is better than the others. This is a must read.

Last year Kaye and I had lunch in Nashville before my husband and I jetted off to Scotland. We let the time get away from us and it was late when we left. I enjoyed talking to her so much and she made me feel good about what I was writing.

Have you ever let true love slip away from you? This is the story with Ransome's Honor. Being too stubborn to marry his commander's daughter, William Ransome had to make it in the British Royal Navy before he felt he could ask anyone to marry him.

Twelve years later, they meet again and he is wealthy, but loves the Navy. Julia Witherington has never married and has been taking care of her father's plantation in the Caribbean, They meet again in Portsmouth and he is given an order to hunt pirates in the Caribbean. She yearns to return to the plantation.

The excitement in this book is outstanding. I could not put it down. As a writer, Kaye wrote descriptions of boats, dresses and parties that made me feel I was there. I hated to end the book. Now I can't wait to get Ransome's Crossing in June 2010 and Ransome's Quest in 2011. Go to Kaye's web site to read more about her writing. Thanks Kaye for a great read!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back in Kentucky

This is going to be very short, but I wanted everyone to know we are back in Kentucky. The weather didn't sound too good yesterday for the coming days, so we headed home early.

To bring you up to date. On January 4, my husband had cataract surgery on his left eye. We did this in Tennessee where we have a very good doctor. We have both been very impressed with Dr, Reeves. Then on the 18th he had the cataract on his right eye removed. He has very good sight and has healed nicely.

The story doesn't end there. I had an appointment on the 12th with my optometrist and she informed me I had a large cataract in my left eye and a smaller one on my right eye. Monday, the 25th, the left cataract was removed. I have astigmatism, so I naturally had to have a more expensive lens. Today I am seeing much better. I could see the clock without my glasses and with my right eye closed! When I get used to the lens, I will be happier. I see a little curved line, but the doctors assure me it will go away when my brain gets used to it.

For anyone who might need cataract surgery, it is painless. Even during the surgery, it is painless. There is a little pressure when the cataract is removed the the lens slid in, but that is all. I am so glad I took the step to have better eyesight.

While we were in Tennessee and we had no internet, I was able to finish editing my book, all twenty-three chapters. Sandi Rog is still doing the edit and we are almost half way through. I am excited to see the finish. So, I had a profitable time before my surgery.

It's good to be back in Kentucky. I was really homesick.