Thursday, February 6, 2014


Tuesday I mentioned I'd been reading some of Tim Downs' books. My friends, Susan Page Davis and Sandra Robbins, talked about them so much that I had to read them. I didn't read them in the order they were written, but I was able to keep up with what had and was going on.

The first book featuring Dr. Nick Polchak is Shoofly Pie. It introduced Nick to us and all his crazy ways. If you can read about bugs, dead bodies and maggots, you'll love these. After that is Chop Shop, First The Dead, Less Than Dead, Ends of The Earth and Nick Of Time. Some of the characters are in all of the series. I like keeping up with each character.

If you like to laugh and enjoy a good book, I highly recommend these. Mr. Downs is not writing anymore in this series. I wish he would. I've enjoyed Nick so much.

What ever happened to Global Warming? We're sitting in the South in 16 degree temperature. Snow and ice are covering the ground. One good thing is that there should be less bugs this summer. The stomach virus that has been rampant recently is slowing down. If you can't get out to give it to someone, the virus is eliminated.

I'm not complaining about the weather. This is all of God's Plan.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This has not been the easiest surgery to recover from. As you get older, you don't pop back as quickly. Everything did go well. I'm feeling better than I have in ten years. Ten years ago a doctor botched a simple surgery and I almost died. It's taken ten years for me to get the courage to have everything corrected. I was fortunate to find a wonderful doctor who could help me.

Today I'm slimmer with a smaller stomach. He did a sort-of tummy tuck. I'm able to move around much better and there is not much pain in my abdomen. My body is still adjusting to the mesh. My energy level is returning and I'm able to get more accomplished by the end of the day.

Also, during this time, I've been preparing books to be published. My second book, Susannah's Hope, should hit the shelves late March or early April. Right now I'm waiting on the cover, then I can zap it to the printers. I'm also redoing Callie's Mountain. I've thought about it for a while and the designer for the cover, Roseanna White, suggested we make them consistent. Good idea! I need to do a better job with Callie.

On top of that, we have three more books coming out with Mantle Rock Publishing. One will be out in May. It's called Hearatsong, A Sisterhood of Shepherds. I'm very excited about this book. The author is Nicola Furlong. This is a women's contemporary and about a family with the last name of Shepherd. Three sisters, Faith, Hope and Charly are the main characters. I loved the book the first time I read it, and I still love it after reading it for the second time. Nicola is a good author and I'm eager to see more of her writings.

Sandi Rog has written a children's book, Bab's Is Back. The art work is being finished now, but the book is so cute. I've seen some of the pages and I love the book and the story it tells. We don't have a definite date for it yet, but it should be late spring or early summer.

The third book we're working on is A Most Precious Gift. The author is Jacqueline Wheelock and the setting is Mississippi before the Civil War. It's about a slave and a freed slave. I've laughed all the way through it. You'll laugh at Dinah's antics. It is so well written and the story informed me a lot about slavery in America. This books will publish in September.

That about brings me up to date. I haven't read much, been too busy with reading what's coming in to the publishing company. I am going to read a proposal today. The only printed books I've read are the Bug Man Books. If you have never read any of Tim Downs books, please do, if you have the stomach to do it. They are hilarious!