Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

This year ends with no regrets. 2009 was a blast for us. The highlights would have to be our trip to Scotland and our almost move to Kentucky. We are almost in Kentucky, but not permanently. Still waiting for our house to sell.

2010 starts with surgery for my husband and probably surgery for me. We decided when we reach 65, we started falling apart. He has cataract surgery Monday, January 4 and again January 18. I have an appointment to see about mine on the 12th.

My goals for 2010 are:
1. Be a better Christian.
2. Spend more time with family.
3. Work harder on my writing.
4. Try harder to get a contract on my book and an agent to represent me.
5. Improve our new house some.

Our prayers are for our family, friends and those in the military. We pray the war will end soon with a minimum of blood shed. We also pray for our leaders that they will lead in the way God wants them to.

Right now I am almost finished doing my edit of my manuscript. When it is finished, I will continue on the second book. I would also like to write some non-fiction, but we'll see about that. I hope to finish my third book in the East Tennessee series this year. I have another book rolling around in my head when those are finished. I pray my writing improves and a contract will be in the future.

Tonight, we are going to church and sing the old year out and the new year in. I enjoy this part of the New Year. You can watch the ball drop, but I want to be with my Christian brothers and sisters. Have a Happy New year! I'll see you sometime in 2010.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Tell too Much

Since I started writing, I've had a rough time wanting to tell instead of show everything going on. It's easy for a writer to just tell a story, but I want to feel the story. I'm still struggling with that, but I'm learning more each time I write and when I read other books, I learn from that also.

How do you show? Action! This morning I'm sitting at my computer in my bright green office, not my choice of color but it does wake you up. I'm listening to the dishwasher that I forgot to turn on last night. My husband is walking through the kitchen and mumbling something, not unusual. We're having company for breakfast and I'm not sure sure yet what I'm preparing, ham or tenderloin. Either will be good. Did you get a window of what's going on while I write?

When we talk, do we move you hands as I do? My husband says if you tie my hands behind me I won't be able to say a word. How do you sit down? Do you put your hand behind you and smooth your clothes in the back before you sit, or do you flop down? All that is showing what is going on.

"What's for supper!" Billie Jo asked as she ran into the house slamming the screen door behind her.

Mom lifted the lids of the pots on the stove. "There's fried chicken, masked potatoes, gravy, peas and biscuits. For dessert there's apple pie." She turned to Billie Jo with a spoon in her hand. "Hurry and wash up, supper's ready."

Billie Jo rushed to the bathroom. Why was Mom fixin' her favorite supper? Something must be going on. This time she did not throw the towel in the floor.

It takes time to think about these things. I'm so slow when I write because this doesn't come easy for me. One thing I do want is to make my WIP interesting and exciting. The more I learn the more I enjoy writing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sheriff's Surrender

Last week I tried to get this on, but between my computer skills and I don't know what else, it didn't work.

The Sheriff's Surrender is a wonderful, funny book by Susan Page Davis. I thoroughly loved it and so did my husband. Yes, he likes westerns and usually reads them after I finish.

The sheriff is killed and a new sheriff is appointed. Ethan Chapman had no experience as a sheriff. Gertrude Dooley was a sharp-shooter and lived with her widowed brother. Neither Gert or Ethan want to get married.

Gert is asked to show Libby, a store owner, how to shoot and word spreads around the town. Most of the women want to learn, so the Ladies' Shooting Club is formed. The club includes rancher's wives, store owner, saloon owner and saloon girls. All of them wanted to learn to protect themselves.

When the preacher came to town, his wife joined the club also. The ladies began to get to know each other as individuals, not their name tags.

More mysterious things happen and the ladies persuade the sheriff to deputize them. They patrol the town. Gert become Trudy by the end of the book. A more feminine name and the sheriff, who would never marry, sees her in a different light.

This is a very good book to spend time in front of a fire with a quilt on a cold day. That's what I did and I enjoyed my rest. Susan is a wonderful author and I am looking forward to reading her next two about the Ladies' Shooting Club. Good job, Susan!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Internet is Great!

We are moved, part of the way, and I now have internet. I never thought I would miss it so much. Now I can connect to the rest of the world! I hope nothing important has happened since I've been away.

When we found our modem and connections, my husband had forgot to bring the power plug. I had one that fit, but it wouldn't let me connect. After calling AT&T and not realizing what the problem was, they send us a new modem with connecting cables. Bless their hearts.

Now we are connected and I can get some work done.

Most of the boxes here are unpacked. I still have my china cabinet things to unpack and a few more boxes. We have several boxes that are waiting for the "400 Mile Yard Sale" in June.

I love my kitchen. I have new appliances, except for the stove top and ovens. Yes, ovens! I have two and it is wonderful. I baked two batches of cookies at the same time. Everything else is coming around. We still have more painting to do and more things to bring up from Tennessee. Most of the furniture is here. We kept a bedroom suite and some chairs, so we will have someplace to sleep and sit. My dining room table and chairs are also there.

I'd better get busy. I have about 8 or 10 more boxes to unpack. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Need a Mouse

Have you taken your mouse for granted? I have. I would love to have it now. It's funny the things we miss when we don't have them.

I left my laptop and my mouse in Kentucky. I thought I could get along without it. Was I mistaken!

We have taken for granted our holidays. This year will be different for us. Not only are we moving to a new house, but my husband found out a few minutes ago that he will probably have to have cataract surgery. We thought it was going to be much later, but he is having so much trouble right now that the doctor thought it will probably be sooner. We are hoping for after the new year.

Our eyesight is so important that we take it for granted. Diabetes plays a big part in your eyes. We do have a good doctor who checks our eyes regularly for any changes due to the disease. I am sure there are other diseases as well that can harm not only your eyes, but other parts of your body.

There are so many things that I am thankful for. We do have good health and we are doing better with our eating habits. We have learned to eat less and do more. That is helping to take weight off and keep us active.

As you get older and your joints hurt, it is easy to sit down and do nothing. I would suggest everyone to move around. It does help those joints and makes you more alert. My daughter read where knitting helped you to keep from having dementia or Alzheimer. I can understand when your mind is working, as it does with knitting, you would not be so prone to develop these diseases.

Start today to keep your mind and body active.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My writing has certainly taken a back seat to this move. I did find time to review the next chapter to send to the editor, but I'm not satisfied with it yet. Maybe I can get it going when we get this truck load moved to Kentucky.

We have had an interesting two weeks. We've been to Florida to my great-niece's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Her brothers wore kilts and her shoes where a red plaid. So pretty under her white dress. Her youngest brother sang to her as she walked into the pavilion. It was simple and beautiful. I wish Bethany and Blake all the love and happiness in the world.
After coming back, we moved into the new house with a bed, table and chairs. I did take enough cooking utensils to cook our big breakfast for Thanksgiving. Our children then helped us paint walls and lay wood flooring. I am allergic to the dust in carpet. My bedroom could not have carpet. It is beautiful now with a rich wood floor.

Thursday we get a truck and load up as much as we can. I will drive the pick-up back and if it doesn't rain, it will be loaded as well.

It's good to be in our old house. We are having inquiries, especially about the land. The house was shown while we were in Florida, so at least we are getting some showings.

Christmas shopping has not been done yet. I am usually through by now. I'm going to get a little today and then pack. Have a wonderful day.