Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Everyone has bad days, but they don't always come in bunches. Mine do it seems.

For some time I've been plagued with diverticulitis. Not fun, but when I had the last surgery the doctor said it looked good. We had been given a tree of pecans and my husband gladly picked them up and shelled them. I gladly made pecan pies. You did see the "s". That's plural meaning more than one. Maybe five or six or more. We had pecan pancakes, pecans in salads, pecans everywhere. I love them. That is until my belly begins to hurt.

For the past three or four weeks, I've had bad spasms when I get up from a chair and going up the two steps in my family room. It became much worse and I could not touch my belly. My doctor thought as I did that it was diviticuli. Guess what? It wasn't. It was another hernia.

When I had the last surgery in October, my doctor assured me I should not every have another hernia. I was hurting in the same place after surgery, but thought it was the mesh. It wasn't. It is a hernia.To say I was discouraged, is putting it mildly. I was down right mad!

Today I have an appointment with my surgeon. He won't be glad to see me. I think I'll ask for galvanized pipe. He'll wish now he'd put that zipper in when I asked him. Oh, well, this is life.

So much is going on right now. Besides reading a book to see if I want to make a contract for it, my oldest granddaughter is graduating from high school the middle of May. I want to be there to see her and encourage her for her accomplishments. She received a good music scholarship from David Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. We are so proud of her.

I'm working on my newsletter, and yes, Maxie, I have you down. I hope to ship your book out today. The newsletter will be a little about me and some things you aren't looking for. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The winner of Susannah's Hope is Maxie. I"ll email you for your address. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the book.

Nicola Furlong's book, Heartsong, will be released in May. It is up on Amazon in ebook for sale now. The cover and blurb follows.

Some families have hope. Others have faith. The Shepherds of rural Oregon have Faith, Hope and Charly, three quirky sisters whose lives change forever when they reluctantly answer a personal calling to help other make amends. 

Thirty-something single parent Charly Shepherd is satisfied with her life raising two children and thousands of plants in her family owned Sweet Shepherd Nursery. The tragedy strikes. As she and her siblings struggle to keep the nursery going, Charly begins to believe her family’s destiny is greater than raising flowers. When the three sisters reluctantly delve into family secrets to help their ailing father fulfill a promise, their lives change forever as they pursue a new inspirational path of discovery, heartache, humor and redemption. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Yesterday I had lunch with a wonderful, dedicated lady by the name of Roberta Edwards. Roberta lives in Haiti and does mission work there. She is one of the most hard-working women I know. I pray each day that I will have her zeal for the Lord.

Roberts takes children, mostly babies, who are dying. Their mothers give them to her. I can't imagine giving up my child, but they do. Most of the women are prostitutes and most of the babies they give her are boys. Girl babies make money for them, so they try to take care of them. Can you imagine sending your daughter out as a prostitute? I look at my granddaughters and say, "No way!" But in a country with little resources, that's what they do.

Roberta said most children will have a glass of sugar water for breakfast. Now, it isn't theirs alone, they have to share it with mostly five others, maybe three times a week. The glass is not even full, maybe half of a twelve ounce glass.

When Roberta gets a child, it is usually starving. Not only for food, but for love. She takes them in and loves them. She said every child is hugged and talked to every day. I don't think we think about hugging our children or talking to them. It's natural for us to do that. Even today, I tell my children and grandchildren, "I love you," when I talk to them.

Roberta has started a nutrition center. She has twenty-one children in her home and feeds about 165 daily. Can you imagine how much food it takes for her to feed that many children? They get good food, not sugar cane or sugar water.

Another thing Roberta has started is teaching women to have a business. So many times a man will marry a woman, have several children with her, then leave her for another woman. The women are not educated, have not business skills, but she teaches then to sew, crochet and do other things. With $50 they can start their business. I bought a couple of purses yesterday. They are well made and beautiful.

When a woman gets her business started, she is able to care for her family and invest in more product to increase her business. Roberta also teaches them to put back some money to help someone else. Aren't we greedy here in America? We have so much and are not eager to help others.

So, I'm sitting her in my office with two computers, a printer and all the gadgets on the computer I need to run my business. My house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have plenty of clothes to wear and food to eat. The Lord has blessed me greatly. I am so thankful for what I have. I pray I can be as giving as Roberta and the seventy-two ladies she's help to get a business started. I'd admit, I'm selfish. I'm content to see what I have and not give back. This is not what we Christians are supposed to do. If anyone would want to help Roberta and her children, please let me know. I'll be glad to give you addresses where you can help them, or I'll be glad to see the money get to the right place.

Oh, did I tell you she home schools her children as long as she can? I have no idea where this lady gets her energy. I'm thinking it comes from God.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


The first thing I do in the mornings is make coffee. This morning I put coffee and water in the coffee pot, turned it on and went to read my Bible. When I finished, there was no coffee. It is not a happy day at our house. We are so addicted to coffee. No matter, I'll buy a new one when I go to the hospital for my mammogram.

All morning, I have tried to drink coffee. Isn't it crazy the habits we get into. I looked for the coffee cup on my desk and even went to the kitchen once to pour a cup. Our habits rule our lives.

I have several habits that my husband kids me about. I always check the doors two or three times in the  evenings. One door we don't use that much has stayed unlocked for almost a week. I'm trying to rid myself of this habit. The door is locked now.

Sometimes our lives are directed by our habits, like making sure the doors are locked. That comes from my childhood. My mother was so scared of everything. As she grew older, it grew worst. I don't want to live my life like that, so I'm trying to change. I'm not as scared or worried about things as I used to be. So, I may be improving a little.

I'm still taking names and email addresses for a news letter to begin in May. If you haven't commented on this blog for a while, please do. I want to draw for a free book of Susannah's Hope tomorrow. I'll let you know Saturday who the winner is

What is your special habit? I've told you mine, so let me hear what crazy thing you do.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Writer's Retreat

Good Tuesday Morning!

The last of March our writer's group had our annual retreat. Of course, this is the second year we've done it, but it is so much fun. Last year we went to Ken Lake State Park and rented two cabins. We all thought it would be nice if we could stay in one cabin or house. The three bedroom cabin at Ken Lake was hard to get and it still didn't have enough room.

After looking on VRBO for a couple of days, we decided on a house in Camden, TN. It had four bedrooms and seven beds. That was perfect for our small group. No one would have to sleep with anyone. We all had our own beds and a couple their own bedroom.

The trick was getting to the house. It was very secluded and we do not read directions right. In fact, I can get lost going to my own house. I have no sense of direction. The owner of the house called me and she led me to the property.

It was beautiful and looked over Birdsong Creek. Only one person came directly to the property. Two finally found it and one got really lost. In finding her, I took the wrong road and ended up on a logging road in the back of nowhere. I thought I was in the movie, Deliverance.

After everyone arrived, we had a wonderful time. What do authors do when they get together. Talk. Learn from each other. Eat. Learn some more. Play games. Have fun.

What did we learn? We had a discussion on plotting. Man, did I need that! We also talked about selecting a name for your book. We played word games and writing games. It was very nice and I learned a lot. Lately, I've felt my learning curve has been very shallow. A retreat will wake you up and get you going.

I'm looking for pictures for my story characters. I've seen a nice looking young man on a Nissan commercial. His beard is a little scruffy, but he's cute as a button. I don't think I want someone with a beard, they will go out of style. I have in mind the man I want to find. One way to keep me focused on my story is to have a storyboard with pictures I can look at.

I"m still looking for people interested in receiving a newsletter from me. I will draw the name for a free Susannah's Hope to be given away. Send the comments in.

Friday, April 4, 2014


April 1, 2014 was the release date for my latest book, Susannah's Hope. I thought you might like a little information about Susannah and Val.

You met them both in Callie's Mountain. Susannah was very selfish, attracted to herself and a gossip. Val, ,on the other hand, was kind, considerate and a handsome man. Val was the child of a mixed race race couple. When I started developing the characters, I thought I needed someone who was not a Melungeon, but was accepted by them. Let's ask them a few questions.

Susannah, what made to change to be the person you are now? "Mercy me, it was spending time with Mary Gibson and her husband, Aaron. They were so kind, and not like my father and grandfather had told me. They were clean, helpful and certainly not thieves."

Val, were you happy to see Susannah's change? "I certainly was. She was and still is a beautiful woman. I was drawn to her by her beauty, but she was not someone I wanted to be around. She was arrogant, self-centered and an all over brat. I didn't think I could ever fall in love with her."

Susannah, did you really believe the lies your father and grandfather told you about the Melungeons and people of color including Indians? "Yes I did. You know you are taught to respect your parents, and that's what I did. I thought Papa and Grandfather knew what they were talking about. They would have been much happier if they'd discovered how wonderful the Melungeon people are.

Val, exactly where is Maple Hill, Tennessee? The real name would be Newman's Ridge. It's in Hancock County, Tennessee. When white men came to the ridge, they found the Melungeons. They were there before the white man set foot on the ridge. Some people think they may had been Spanish solders who became lost. There are many theories to how they got to the ridge. They were isolated from the rest of the world."

Thanks for telling us a little about your and your lives.

I am giving away a copy of Susannah's Hope. The name will be drawn on April 18.

 If you would like to receive a monthly newsletter by email, please reply to kattanderson4 at gmail.com. I will start the newsletter in May. I'd love to send you one. It will be filled with lots of what's going on in my life, recipes we like and lots of other information. The first one to sign up will receive a free copy of Susannah's Hope.