Friday, May 27, 2011

Update On My Writing

Whew, it's been a long time since I have told you guys what I'm doing now. A lot has happened. My first manuscript is finished and with an agent. It's good news from there, but I can't comment at this time.

My second manuscript, the sequel to the firs,t is ready to be edited. I have a little problem with the ending. I know where I want it to end, but right now I have entered a scene that I don't know how to exit it. I will get there, but in the meantime, I'm going through the rough draft and editing it.

The third in the series is in my head. I need to work on a better synopsis. I know the characters and what is going to happen, but I haven't gotten to writing anything down yet. The ideas are not silent in my head. They keep shouting to me how they want this story to come out. It's an important story to me and again will show the prejudice that was common in the early part of our country.

I have started a stand alone book. Several chapters have been completed and I like the way it is heading. It will be a little more suspenseful than I usually write. At least, that's how I'm thinking right now. It can change, but I don't want to think it will.

Yesterday a writer friend of mine asked me to co-author a children's book with her. We are still thinking about it, but it could be possible. Some research will have to be done, but it is a good possibility.

So, I guess things are doing well for me. I have had several things that had to be done around the house, and I haven't written lately. I plan to start back on Tuesday. Too much is going on over the week-end and with the holiday, it will cut the week short. Monday is granddaughter #2's birthday, my son and daughter-in-law celebrate an anniversary on Tuesday, and my daughter and son-in-law celebrate their anniversary on Wednesday.

Oh, and the best thing is I will be at ACFW conference in September. Can't wait to see everyone. If you see me and I don't see you, please give me a yell.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on Sandi Rog

Last Monday, Sandi entered the hospital to prepare for her transplant. She had three days of total body radiation and two days of extensive chemo. Monday she rested and yesterday she had her transplant.

She hasn't written for several days, so I know she has been sick from the chemo and the radiation. I have heard from a family member. She said Sandi was very tired from the transplant. I expected she would be in pain and the tiredness should be expected.

If all goes well, and the bone marrow begins to grow to her bone marrow, she will no longer have MS or cancer. The doctor is expecting a good prognosis.

While she was waiting for all of this to happen, she helped design the cover for the next book in the Iron and Stone series. She also got a contract for another book, which is about an Indian and a Dutch lady. I'm anxious to read more about it. So, she has not been wallowing in sorrow for herself. She has been working.

Sandi's faith has strengthened me. We have laughed and cried together through all this. I expect her to win this battle. If you want to read about her journey, go to She goes in detail about this part of her life.

Please send prayers for her. She needs them right now. Pray that this will be successful, and she has asked for people to pray for her donor. He is having a rough time right now. No transplant is easy and this one is very painful.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Art of Romance

Kaye Dacus' latest book, The Art of Romance, is set in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the second in her Matchmakers Series. It is a light-hearted, comical book about two grandmothers trying to set their grandchildren up to get married. They want to be the first in their circle of friends to have the first great-grandchild. That's where the humor begins and it doesn't stop through the whole book.

They go to great lengths to get their grandchildren married. Sassie Evans even has a kitchen remodel to have granddaughter, Caylor, meet a contractor. It seems he is only interested in his fantastic self.

Perty Bradly has an artist grandson, Dylan, who comes to live with her. He brings a lot of baggage with him. A lot of embarrassment from a former girlfriend.

The book is also filled with two girlfriends of Caylor's, Zarah and Flannery. All the main characters have a hand in getting the couple together, but there is something that makes them want to get together.

This book was one of the funniest I've read in a long time. I loved it, and I thank Kaye for writing it. It will be one of my favs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rugby Colony

Nestled in the hills of the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee is a town that flourished and then almost died. It is a fascinating place to visit and there are several activities each month.

Rugby was founded by Thomas Hughes, famous for his classic, Tom Brown's Schooldays, on October 5, 1880. His main purpose was to have a Christian based agriculture commune for the second sons of British gentry. They built beautiful Victorian houses, farmed the land, and had a surviving community. There was a library filled with books from publishers and friends.

In 1881, seven people died from typhoid fever. That was very discouraging to the colonists. Financial problems began to loom and the settlement began to falter. In 1884, The Tabard Inn, a classic Victorian hotel burned to the ground.

By 1900, most of the settlers had moved back to England or to other parts of the country. Today, it is a historical community. There is a Bed and Breakfast, a restaurant, gift shop, and other things of interest to see. It is beautifully situated in the mountains and is a peaceful place to visit. You can get more information by visiting

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Worse Mother's Day

Yesterday had to be the worse Mother's Day I have ever experienced. Let me tell you my story, and you have my permission to laugh, I have.

My hubby and I volunteered to prepare breakfast for our Junior/Senior Banquet. There wee supposed to be fifteen teens and five turned out. The other cancelled for various reasons. Okay, no big deal. We could do that along with three other people.

When we got to the church building, the door was hard to open and I thought it was locked, but it wasn't. I went around to a window to peck on it and let one of the teens know to open the door. About that time, one of the chaperons pulled the door open. My husband told me they had opened the door and I turned to go back to the door. That isn't complicated, but the rest is.

There was a concrete drain from the gutter that stood out a little ways from the building. I hit it and fell face-first. My wonderful husband walked in the building with me lying on the pavement. I couldn't get up and he didn't see me fall. He is hard of hearing and my cries for help were useless.

Finally he realized I wasn't in the building and came out to see where I was. He didn't see me on the ground and he went back in the building. Finally, when he came out the second time, he saw me and helped me up.

Needless to say, I did not help cook. I sat down with an ice pack on my head and my knee. Yes, my beautiful knee is now skinned, a bad floor burn. There is also a floor burn on my right knee, but it's small. I think my knees are all right, but my face is not.

I landed on the left side of my face. I guess you can imagine the damage. My forehead is swollen over my left eye. My eyelid is a beautiful color of purple and it is swollen. I also have purple under my eye and I am only seeing out of one eye. The left one is almost closed. I have a place under my nose, above my lip and a place on my chin. My left arm has a big bruise on it.

All in all, I am blessed to have no broken bones and my knees in good condition. I can laugh about it. My hubby said I had one sexy eye, don't think it's that sexy, but I do have the Cleopatra look.

What can I say? I'm a klutz, Always have been, but it makes for an interesting life.

The funniest thing happened when we went to Arby's for a sandwich last night. The young man taking our order couldn't take his eyes off my face. Two women kept staring at us and  a couple with a child kept looking at me and then my husband. It was so funny. If he had taken me to the ER, I'm afraid they would have tried to arrest him for abuse. He didn't abuse me, I fell. Okay, I'm off for more ice.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

Congratulations to all mothers who read this page. Mother's Day should be encouraged and thanks given for all they do for us, their children.

My mother was a wonderful lady. Her name was Isobel Smith Anderson. She was always there when I needed her and never complained. She passed away three and a half years ago. I was honored to be there when she drew her last breath. All the time she was sick, she never complained, unless I forgot to get lunch at the same time each day.

The one thing that stands out in my mind is the many times we walked to church together as a family. We lived about a half a mile from the church building and we walked in the summer. When it rained or was cold, my dad drove us. My sister and I sat with Mother. We weren't allowed to sit with the other young people because they misbehaved. That was probably good because both my sister and I grew up to be strong Christians.

In the evenings, after the supper dishes were done, Mother and I would read the Bible. That stands out vividly in my mind. We had a closeness and I miss her dearly.

Mother had a wonderful mother and my grandmother had a great mother. It sorta runs in the family. So I will celebrate not only my mother, but her mother, Ellen Cress Smith, and my grandmother's mother, Elizabeth Cooke Cress. My other grandmothers died before or shortly after I was born. I have a lot of memories of these fine ladies.

Sunday, take time to remember your mother. She gave birth to you, held you when you were sick, and loved you beyond all measure. Happy Mother's Day!