Tuesday, September 17, 2013


American Christian Fiction Writers Conference ended around 9 p.m. Sunday night. It was a wonderful conference and a wonderful gala evening. When we finished and began to tile out of the ballroom, I was shocked that it was over so early. I have sat through a lot more hours of awards presentation in the past.

Everything was wonderful and now I have so much work to do. I have a proposal and three chapters to send to one agent, and a proposal and the full manuscript to send to another one. My work is beginning because our publishing company was well received by both writers and agents. I've had a pumped week-end. Right now I feel like I'm coming off a drunk, but I don't know exactly what that feels like. I have heard other people talk about the headache and not liking loud noises. That's me today.

The most wonderful thing to me about the conference is being with the writers. I enjoyed making new friends and getting to see old friends. Even the trip to and from was good. The food was good, except for the beef not being cooked as well as I like it. There was a "Flourless Chocolate Cake" that was to die for. I'm going to be looking that up on the internet. It was very chocolate and rich.

Since I have to get started on my proposals, I'm going to make this short. I have so much to do and I want it to be the best. I'll write more on Thursday.

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