Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Our time is one of our most important commodities. How we use it needs to be thought out thoroughly. It should not be squandered, but used wisely. We are given 24 hours to use at will, but we all need to use it to the best advantage.

Rnady Ingermanson, the Snowflake Guy, has a lot to saw about time management. One thing that sticks in my mind is the idea that to be productive we must have a neat desk, or office. Today, mine is a mess, but I'm taking his advice and hopefully work some magic.

We are in agreement, Randy and I, about allotting time to do something. If you want to spend 8 hours at work, break it down in segments. I know I need to work on a proposal for at least two hours today. I won't finish it, but I'll make a good dent in it. But first, I need to clean off my desk. I think I can do it in an hour, but to keep it from being boring, I'll break it down in 15 minute sections. I'll admit, I do take a break about every 15-20 minutes to walk around in the house, pick up things, fold clothes, etc. If I can give one hour to cleaning my office, I'll be a happy camper.

For years, I've broken down my housework in these segments. I give myself so much time in each room. I dust for so long, Swiffer for so long, and if the room needs mopping, I'll add that to the time. I have found out if I tackle one room each day, I'll have a clean house before the week ends. Oh, yes, I do have more than five rooms. But I double up and the kitchen doesn't count, nor do the bathrooms.

Back to writing. If I can take one hour to clean up my office, two hours to write on my proposal, then I have several hours to work on a book, or do research. I'm researching two books, so if I spend an hour on each, I'll have five hours of "work." If I want to spend more, I can and not feel guilty.

What about emails, facebook, twitter, or other social medias? I only try to look at my emails three times a day, morning, noon, and evening. I turn my computer off around 7 or 8 o'clock. I need time with my family and to do our visits at church. At one time I was glued to the computer, but I decided to change all that and have some free time for my family and God. I can also do housework if I want to.

You have to add in time for meals. I cook a noon meal and we either eat left-overs for dinner or have a bowl of canned soup. That's also better if you're trying to lose weight. I have my favorite television shows I watch, and we go to ballgames with the grandchildren.

One reason why I'm trying to get my office cleaned up is because soon I will be busy with Mantle Rock Publishing. This will cut my time with writing, research, or housecleaning. but if I have everything in order, I'll have more time to spend with the business.

I do write blogs, so I work them in early in the mornings. I am definitely a morning person. So this morning person now needs to get busy. Have a super day.

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