Monday, November 2, 2009

The sun is shining

Last week was such a gloomy week, but today the sun shines in more ways than one. A beautiful day!

I've been working on editing my book and getting along quiet nicely, I think. My editor probably doesn't think so. I'm slow doing a self-edit. I had thought my chapters were too long, so I shortened them the last time I edited. Now they are too short, so I am combining them again. I'm easy to get turned around and this has happened several times. It slows me down when I realize I put chapters together that were in another chapter. I have a little plan now and hope I can take care of things without that happening again.

This morning the girls my husband worked with came out for breakfast and then bought several yard sale items. My husband thought another day like this and we could finance our trip to Florida to my niece's wedding later in the month. It was good to see the things leave the house. and to have a visit with friends.

I'm packing more today. We will take another pick-up truck load before long. I need to de-clutter the house and this is a good way to do it. My office needs it as does the kitchen.

While we are in Kentucky this time I will go to a meeting with a writer's group. Should be interesting.


  1. Gosh Kathy all that packing and work makes me tired at just the thought!
    Good things come to those who wait... and you deserve the very best in life.
    Blessings from your mate in Oz...Crystal

  2. Keep on encouraging me Crystal. I'm about there, but I will be back and forth between Tennessee and Kentucky for a while.