Monday, February 13, 2012


Last week was a wonderful week with Ann Gabhart. She was a perfect guest. Thank you so much, Ann, for your part in the week. I appreciate the times you went on and commented on the comments. That makes the week more enjoyable.

At noon today, I will draw the winner. I will post the winner's name at that time. I'm looking forward to that. Your comments made the week shine. Most people love reading the comments. I hope you will look forward to more on my Scribbles.

What did I do while Ann was a guest? I was writing and reading. I finished a couple of good books, and I've almost finished another one. One I finished was The Outsider by Ann Gabhart. I really like Ann's writing style. It's calm and peaceful, even in a crisis. Maybe it was just that book, being about the Shakers. The more I read about her and her books, the more I'm anxious to read more.

Valentine Day is tomorrow, and one of her books would make a good present from hubby. The Kindle or Nook makes it so easy. It's there in seconds.

This is a short blog today. I'll be back as soon as I draw a name and announce the winner. The excitement is growing. You still have until noon, CST to make a comment.

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