Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This past month seems like a blur. So much has happened in our family and with our publishing company. I really don't know where to begin.

First, Mantle Rock Publishing now has a store. Yes, a store where you can order the books we publish. I think I may have written this before, but I'm not sure. You can go to www.mantlerockpublishing.com and click on the "more" button. Under it, you will find "store." Three books are listed so far, but I will be putting another one on later this month. It's a good way to help our authors get their books out.

On May 3, I had a wonderful booksigning at one of our local stores, Shop-A-Rama. It's located about three miles from where I live in the community of Draffenville. Shop-A-Rama advertises to have 50,001 items in their store. They now have 50,004 because three of my books are sold there. It was a fun day and I met a lot of nice people.

Heartsong by Nicola Furlong was released May 16. This is such a good book. My husband's words when he read it were, "I like that book. It wasn't full of gushy romance." It is a good contemporary lighthearted book. I liked it a lot! Good job, Nicola.

May 17, our oldest granddaughter, Savannah, graduated from Goodpasture Christian School. She will enter David Lipscomb University in the fall on a music scholarship. She is very talented, but she wants to use her talent to help others. She wants to be a musical therapist. This is a fairly new field, but very rewarding.

We came home on the 18th after enjoying a "Senior Lunch" at the church she attends. Northside church of Christ did a wonderful job honoring their seniors. It was so much fun to see the pictures.

As soon as we got home, I began getting ready for surgery on the 19th. This was the tenth abdominal surgery for me and I pray it is the last. I'm tired of belly pain and surgery. I'm so thankful I found a doctor who has been willing to help me through all of this ordeal. Really check up on doctors who you do not know. I wish I had checked more ten years ago. I wouldn't be having all these problems now if I had.

Surgery has been good, but I'm still low on strength and stamina. I'm having good days and bad days, and gradually beginning to work again. Not much, but a little. I think I've worked too hard on feeling better. Sadly I've overworked myself. We all become impatient.

I'm beginning to work on a novel. It's a mystery and I've had a hard time getting it started. I don't want it to be too sad, but I can't have it too lighthearted. I'll let some friends look at it in the next few days.

The next book will be released June 28. It's a picture book, Babbs is Back, by Sandi Rog and Arielle DeMarco. The price will be $8.99, but it is on Amazon in ebook form now for $2.99/

After this. . .I think I'll leave that for later. Can't dump too much information on people. Anyway the next book is wonderful. I love it. Until later.


  1. Does sound like you have been busy. Glad the surgery is over. Hope you don't have to have anymore. Take it slow so you can heal properly. GOD bless you. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

    1. Thanks, Maxie. I think I've turned the corner and I'm feeling much better. It's good to be able to not hurt every time I move.