Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I've become acquainted with a little girl about three years old whose name is Georgia. This girl has big eyes and a ready smile. She also encourages me more than I can ever say. Let me tell you what I know about Georgia.

Last year, Georgia was diagnosed with kidney cancer. At age two, she had one kidney removed and began chemo. A lot of things happened and she was in the hospital much longer than she should have been. You know how when you meet someone with difficulties you tell them, "You're in my prayers." Then a lot of times you forget about it. Well, Georgia steals your heart. You remember her and all the problems she is going through for one so young.

Kids have a way of bounding back, and Georgia has. She is growing and smiling. She doesn't talk much to us, but I'm sure she will in time, and it may take several trips to McDonald's for her to do that. Her family has been through a lot, but they have not blamed God. They have remained strong in their faith.

As Georgia ate her second bag of french fries, I thought of what a wonderful little girl she is. Her hair is beginning to come back in and it looks to be curly. She won't be wearing the scarf much longer. She's trying to play with the other kids and laughing. It's such a wonderful thing to hear a child laugh and much better when that child has been through so many trials.

God has certainly blessed Georgia and her family. He's also blessed me by getting to know her. I see optimism in her little face. I see a future. I see love of her family and love of God. I have been blessed to know this little girl with the big eyes and bright smile. I also got a hug and a kiss.

I can't wait to see her again Wednesday. I want to see another smile.  

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