Monday, May 9, 2011

The Worse Mother's Day

Yesterday had to be the worse Mother's Day I have ever experienced. Let me tell you my story, and you have my permission to laugh, I have.

My hubby and I volunteered to prepare breakfast for our Junior/Senior Banquet. There wee supposed to be fifteen teens and five turned out. The other cancelled for various reasons. Okay, no big deal. We could do that along with three other people.

When we got to the church building, the door was hard to open and I thought it was locked, but it wasn't. I went around to a window to peck on it and let one of the teens know to open the door. About that time, one of the chaperons pulled the door open. My husband told me they had opened the door and I turned to go back to the door. That isn't complicated, but the rest is.

There was a concrete drain from the gutter that stood out a little ways from the building. I hit it and fell face-first. My wonderful husband walked in the building with me lying on the pavement. I couldn't get up and he didn't see me fall. He is hard of hearing and my cries for help were useless.

Finally he realized I wasn't in the building and came out to see where I was. He didn't see me on the ground and he went back in the building. Finally, when he came out the second time, he saw me and helped me up.

Needless to say, I did not help cook. I sat down with an ice pack on my head and my knee. Yes, my beautiful knee is now skinned, a bad floor burn. There is also a floor burn on my right knee, but it's small. I think my knees are all right, but my face is not.

I landed on the left side of my face. I guess you can imagine the damage. My forehead is swollen over my left eye. My eyelid is a beautiful color of purple and it is swollen. I also have purple under my eye and I am only seeing out of one eye. The left one is almost closed. I have a place under my nose, above my lip and a place on my chin. My left arm has a big bruise on it.

All in all, I am blessed to have no broken bones and my knees in good condition. I can laugh about it. My hubby said I had one sexy eye, don't think it's that sexy, but I do have the Cleopatra look.

What can I say? I'm a klutz, Always have been, but it makes for an interesting life.

The funniest thing happened when we went to Arby's for a sandwich last night. The young man taking our order couldn't take his eyes off my face. Two women kept staring at us and  a couple with a child kept looking at me and then my husband. It was so funny. If he had taken me to the ER, I'm afraid they would have tried to arrest him for abuse. He didn't abuse me, I fell. Okay, I'm off for more ice.


  1. This is rather funny in a slap stick kind of way! Especially the fact that he came back out and didn't see you! Poor dear!

  2. I am finally almost normal. I still have a little discoloring on my left eye. I was so lucky that I didn't break anything. I guess I can say I have a hard head.
    It has been a funny experience. It didn't hurt after the fall. My knees are fine and that was the biggest relief.