Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on Sandi Rog

Last Monday, Sandi entered the hospital to prepare for her transplant. She had three days of total body radiation and two days of extensive chemo. Monday she rested and yesterday she had her transplant.

She hasn't written for several days, so I know she has been sick from the chemo and the radiation. I have heard from a family member. She said Sandi was very tired from the transplant. I expected she would be in pain and the tiredness should be expected.

If all goes well, and the bone marrow begins to grow to her bone marrow, she will no longer have MS or cancer. The doctor is expecting a good prognosis.

While she was waiting for all of this to happen, she helped design the cover for the next book in the Iron and Stone series. She also got a contract for another book, which is about an Indian and a Dutch lady. I'm anxious to read more about it. So, she has not been wallowing in sorrow for herself. She has been working.

Sandi's faith has strengthened me. We have laughed and cried together through all this. I expect her to win this battle. If you want to read about her journey, go to She goes in detail about this part of her life.

Please send prayers for her. She needs them right now. Pray that this will be successful, and she has asked for people to pray for her donor. He is having a rough time right now. No transplant is easy and this one is very painful.


  1. What a trooper! My thoughts and prayers go out to Sandi

  2. Thanks Tracy. It will take 9-14 days to know if the bone marrow is growing. She is very tired right now and will be for some time. I know she appreciates all prayers.