Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Finds You In Prince Edward Island

Love Finds You In Prince Edward Island by Susan Page Davis is a very enchanting book. I was anxious to start it and then I couldn't put it down. Susan is a great writer and a wonderful friend.

The book is set in 1860. Price Albert Edward of England is making a visit to this tiny island. The governor's house needs extra workers for the visit of royalty. Girls from the island go for an interview and Molly Orland is hired as a maid.

She meets Peter Stark, who is employed by Lord Washburn. meets her in the hallway, and is attracted to her. Peter loves the island and wishes he could stay there, but he is dedicated to his employer.

A ball is planned for the prince. He has a reputation of a playboy and Peter is determined to keep him away from Molly. Molly is invited to the ball by the prince. We know his intentions are not good.

Well, I'll leave with just that much. It is such a good book. My husband read it. When he finished, he said, "That's a good book." He reads a lot of my books, but he was impressed by Susan's writing. It is one of those books that you are anxious to turn the pages.

I recommend this book highly. I would give it 5 stars!

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