Friday, August 31, 2012


This week has been stressful. Having blood work Monday was stressful enough, but it didn't stop there. Monday, a dear friend at church lost her father. We have been close to her and her husband since before we moved. They were one of the first people to speak to us, and you don't forget them. Visitation was Wednesday night. We went early, thinking we would get there before the crowd. We didn't. We stood in line about 45 minutes before we got to the front of the chapel. We did make it to McDonald's and then to church in time.

Tuesday our daughter called that her husband was going to have surgery on his lungs. He has been retaining fluid for some time. Two weeks ago they drained almost 2 liters from  his lungs, and they are filling up again. He's to go today and get them drained again. His surgery will be September 10. I can't explain what they are going to do, but it's pretty serious. All this has happened since his heart surgery in January. We will be going down for the surgery and I don't know how long we will stay. We will probably be the school shuttle.

Everything comes in three's. My daughter told us our granddaughter has the same thing my husband and I had and has missed a couple of days of school. Hopefully that is the end of our distress.

A good thing, our youngest granddaughter, Josie, made the honor choir at her school. She has the sweetest voice, and she can really belt them out. I was surprised when I heard her in a concert in the spring. I'm so happy for her.

The two boys are playing football. Chet, the oldest, is the starter kicker. He loves it. Grayson is having fun running. Wish I had his energy.

We're waiting for Issac to make his appearance. We're supposed to have rain. It gets cloudy, then the sky is blue. I think we're on the outer bands. We need the rain. The Lord knows best. Have a good, safe Labor Day week-end.

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