Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We had a wonderful time at our retreat. Six wonderful ladies turned up and brought food. What could be better?

Early Thursday morning I received a call from KenLake Resort. This is a state park about 20 miles from my house. We all traveled a long way..:-) In reality, no one traveled more than 80 miles. We live fairly close together which makes it good for something like this. Now to get back to the story. The resort called to tell me there were termites in the Executive Cottage we had requested. They had treated the problem, but the odor was pretty bad.

What a bummer! They did tell us we could have two cabins side by side for the same price. One was a two bedroom and the other was a one bedroom. Susan Davis met me at the resort early, and we checked the cabins out. We hoped we could could all fit into one but there was only one bathroom. Can you imagine six women with one bathroom? It wasn't going to work. The beds were double and would be harder to sleep two people together.

Susan and I decided to take the one bedroom and let the others have the two bedroom. We used it as our headquarters. It worked out well.

Thursday afternoon and evening everyone drifted in. We had planned a Mystery Game for eight people. Eight had sent money to come, but at the last minute two had to cancel. Susan called her husband and a friend to come play the other two parts in the game. It worked out. The game was very interesting and fun. I was not the murderer, Sandra Robbins was, and she played the part well.

Friday morning after a delicious breakfast, Sandra Robbins talked to us about developing characters. It was very good and lots of fun. Friday afternoon we critiques everyone's first ten pages. Personally, I learned so much. It was done so well. We all had a chance to talk and even the seasoned authors found they could improve their story more.

Saturday morning, after a light breakfast, we all went our separate ways. This was such a good experience for our group. We learned more about each other and more about writing. Are we planning another one" You bet! We all benefited so much from this one.

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