Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Writer's Retreat

Good Tuesday Morning!

The last of March our writer's group had our annual retreat. Of course, this is the second year we've done it, but it is so much fun. Last year we went to Ken Lake State Park and rented two cabins. We all thought it would be nice if we could stay in one cabin or house. The three bedroom cabin at Ken Lake was hard to get and it still didn't have enough room.

After looking on VRBO for a couple of days, we decided on a house in Camden, TN. It had four bedrooms and seven beds. That was perfect for our small group. No one would have to sleep with anyone. We all had our own beds and a couple their own bedroom.

The trick was getting to the house. It was very secluded and we do not read directions right. In fact, I can get lost going to my own house. I have no sense of direction. The owner of the house called me and she led me to the property.

It was beautiful and looked over Birdsong Creek. Only one person came directly to the property. Two finally found it and one got really lost. In finding her, I took the wrong road and ended up on a logging road in the back of nowhere. I thought I was in the movie, Deliverance.

After everyone arrived, we had a wonderful time. What do authors do when they get together. Talk. Learn from each other. Eat. Learn some more. Play games. Have fun.

What did we learn? We had a discussion on plotting. Man, did I need that! We also talked about selecting a name for your book. We played word games and writing games. It was very nice and I learned a lot. Lately, I've felt my learning curve has been very shallow. A retreat will wake you up and get you going.

I'm looking for pictures for my story characters. I've seen a nice looking young man on a Nissan commercial. His beard is a little scruffy, but he's cute as a button. I don't think I want someone with a beard, they will go out of style. I have in mind the man I want to find. One way to keep me focused on my story is to have a storyboard with pictures I can look at.

I"m still looking for people interested in receiving a newsletter from me. I will draw the name for a free Susannah's Hope to be given away. Send the comments in.

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