Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Yesterday I had lunch with a wonderful, dedicated lady by the name of Roberta Edwards. Roberta lives in Haiti and does mission work there. She is one of the most hard-working women I know. I pray each day that I will have her zeal for the Lord.

Roberts takes children, mostly babies, who are dying. Their mothers give them to her. I can't imagine giving up my child, but they do. Most of the women are prostitutes and most of the babies they give her are boys. Girl babies make money for them, so they try to take care of them. Can you imagine sending your daughter out as a prostitute? I look at my granddaughters and say, "No way!" But in a country with little resources, that's what they do.

Roberta said most children will have a glass of sugar water for breakfast. Now, it isn't theirs alone, they have to share it with mostly five others, maybe three times a week. The glass is not even full, maybe half of a twelve ounce glass.

When Roberta gets a child, it is usually starving. Not only for food, but for love. She takes them in and loves them. She said every child is hugged and talked to every day. I don't think we think about hugging our children or talking to them. It's natural for us to do that. Even today, I tell my children and grandchildren, "I love you," when I talk to them.

Roberta has started a nutrition center. She has twenty-one children in her home and feeds about 165 daily. Can you imagine how much food it takes for her to feed that many children? They get good food, not sugar cane or sugar water.

Another thing Roberta has started is teaching women to have a business. So many times a man will marry a woman, have several children with her, then leave her for another woman. The women are not educated, have not business skills, but she teaches then to sew, crochet and do other things. With $50 they can start their business. I bought a couple of purses yesterday. They are well made and beautiful.

When a woman gets her business started, she is able to care for her family and invest in more product to increase her business. Roberta also teaches them to put back some money to help someone else. Aren't we greedy here in America? We have so much and are not eager to help others.

So, I'm sitting her in my office with two computers, a printer and all the gadgets on the computer I need to run my business. My house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have plenty of clothes to wear and food to eat. The Lord has blessed me greatly. I am so thankful for what I have. I pray I can be as giving as Roberta and the seventy-two ladies she's help to get a business started. I'd admit, I'm selfish. I'm content to see what I have and not give back. This is not what we Christians are supposed to do. If anyone would want to help Roberta and her children, please let me know. I'll be glad to give you addresses where you can help them, or I'll be glad to see the money get to the right place.

Oh, did I tell you she home schools her children as long as she can? I have no idea where this lady gets her energy. I'm thinking it comes from God.

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