Monday, March 1, 2010

A Gift of Grace

Last week I read A Gift of Grace in two days! That's a record for me. When I started reading, I could not put it down. Amy Clipston has a way with words.

Amy and I had corresponded about a year ago. Her husband is waiting a second kidney transplant. Since I have a niece who has had a kidney transplant and a cousin with a liver transplant, I felt I might be able to give her some words of encouragement. Her husband is still waiting on his second transplant. She not only works full-time and writes, but she is the mother of two boys and cares for her husband. Pray that he will soon find a match and get this second transplant.

Sometimes I am a little slow getting to the books I want to read. That is the case with this one. I had read so many Amish books that I didn't think I could read another one. Most are the same and I was afraid this one would be also. Was I wrong!

I guess you could say it is the opposite of Saving Grace by Beverly Lewis. This time the mother turns to the English world and has two children. She and her husband are killed in a traffic accident and Rebecca Kauffman, the Amish aunt, finds out in her sister's will that she is to take the children, two girls, to live in Pennsylvania.

How different would that be for two teenage girls used to having television, cell phones, computers and all the other modern conveniences suddenly find out they cannot have any of these? This is heart rendering. One girl adapts, but the other doesn't.

Rebecca could not have children and wondered if this would be the way to give her husband Daniel a family. The struggles of Rebecca are great. How much can you encourage someone to live by your rules when those rules are foreign to the person?

If you have not read it, you must. Amy is from German heritage and all through the book she has scattered recipes. If you like to cook, you will enjoy that.

Amy, thanks for a great book. I look forward to reading Book Two soon.

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