Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon

There are so many good authors and it's getting to where I have more favorites. Miralee Ferrell has become a favorite of mine. Miralee has three novels out and I'm sorry to say, this is the first one of hers I've read.

This book is very well written with action and suspense. A murder is always a favorite of mine. This is no exception.

This book also reminded me so much of the mining town my great-grandparents lived in. My great-grandfather worked at the "company store." Although the setting here is a lumber town owned by the lumber company. Miralee, this brought back so many memories as I read it.

The setting is Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon. The picture of it today is so beautiful. It really existed! That always makes fiction better. Now to the story.

It starts when Margaret Garvey is sixteen years and wanting to run away to marry her boyfriend, Nathaniel Cooper. He father finds their note and buries it under a rose bush. Nathaniel leaves the town without her. After four years, he returns to town and wants to begin the relationship.

During the four years, Margaret's father has passed away and she has moved to the house owned by the school board. Two runaway children enter her life. One has a learning disability.

The murder, the children's mean guardian, a decision Margaret has to make and a disaster all make the story move along fast. I don't read all day, but this was one book I could not put down. Now I have to find the other two books Miralee has written.

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