Monday, March 29, 2010

A Time to Remember

Last week, I dug out my first manuscript. I read it and thought it wasn't that bad. After correcting it, I sent it to my editor to look at. I thought it was pretty good and she agreed with me.

This is what I like about writing. You can be writing two different genres at the same time. Callie's Mountain is my favorite right now. Callie and I have been through a lot together and she has developed into a strong young woman. I love who she has become.

Going Home is Women's Fiction and is more modern than the historical novels I love. Paula Gallagher is a fantastic person, good mother, loving grandmother, good at her job and a person who has made mistakes and acknowledges them. There's so much conflict in her family. I'm enjoy reacquainting myself with her. I know she will grow more as the story unfolds.

Between writing, I am dealing with an oven that is here one day and gone the next. Today is bread baking day and I doubt if it will bake very good. I'm calling the repair man and telling him what is going on and maybe he can fix it. He was here a couple of weeks ago, but when I use my over a lot, it won't turn off. I burned rolls Saturday and I don't like that. It seems like there is always something going on. That makes life interesting.

Much to do today, so I'll get busy. Have a glorious day.

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