Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Writing

It has been so good to get back to writing. Between the busy summer and pain in my knees, it was hard to sit long enough to write. My mind did not work either.

I'm excited to start on my new book and give another character a chance to be a feisty lady. It seems like the world is against her right now. How many times do we feel the same way? Everything is happening to her at one time and she is going to have to make a decision. Will she rebel or will she tighten her belt and get on with the program? I haven't decided which way she will go.

Fall has finally arrived. We had frost this morning and it was 33 degrees at our house. I have not ventured out of the house yet and probably won't until later today.

It will be good when the swelling goes down more in my leg. I know it takes time, but I am impatient. It's good not to have the walker and I am looking forward to giving up the cane.


  1. Hi Katt,
    Great news that you are back to writing because that tells me you are feeling much better. Hope you enjoy the journey with your book.
    Looking forward to seeing your books in print.
    I thought it was cool here at 54 degrees, but a frost? We won't see that here in the Dallas area for weeks yet.
    Praying for a pain-free day,
    A J

  2. Thanks AJ. My pain is getting better each day. No pain meds yesterday. Yeah!!! Today is good. I'm going back to my office today and I can concentrate better. It was 38 degrees here this morning. I don't think I will be going outside for a while.