Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Doctor's Visit

Yesterday was my first doctor visit after surgery. Two very strange things have happened since the surgery. The home health service lost me. They were supposed to show up on Monday and did not. I called and the person who was supposed to see me, did not and did not report that they had not seen me. I expect a head rolled.

At the doctor's office yesterday, they thought they had already called me in and they hadn't. I think now I am invisible. After almost an hour wait in the waiting room, I was called back.

Now, I find out I need to slow down. At six weeks, I should be able to bend my knee 95% and I am doing it now at less than two weeks. Everything is healing nicely and I have feet the same size.

Now, I am slowing down more, that means doing almost nothing, and trying to keep from doing too much. I can damage my knee if I do too much. My range of motion is good. I can stand and sit with both feet equal. I bend my knee when I walk and today is the last day with the walker. I can use the cane from now on.

Today, I also start writing again. The pain before was too much to think about anything much. I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing some each day. My goal is 500 words to start out with. I hope I can increase it to what I was doing before, which was around 1,500 words. It's getting back in the habit and I am ready.


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  2. Hello Kathy, If I can help with your home Health I will be happy to do so. Amedisys who I worked for in Rogersville are all over the U.S.
    If you need that help send me an email with your doctors name and your new address and I will contact my old boss over there. Love Crystal

  3. Thanks, Crystal. I am using the hospital home health and they are very good. She keeps pushing me to do more. I no longer use a walker and I should be without a cane in a couple of weeks. My range of motion is very good. Now, I'm anxious to get my right knee replaced.