Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Around

This past week has been busy. I've been rewriting my novel and trying to get it looking better. There is so much to learn in writing.

Saturday I went to Murray, KY. My friend and author, Susan Page Davis, did a book signing there. I went to support her and visit with her between signings. She was sick so I stayed until she felt better. It was a most enjoyable day.

When I got home, I rested and then we went to a Chili Supper. It was so much fun and I got to know more people at church. It is hard for me to get names straight, but I'm doing better now. Seems each time we are at church we learn another name. It will be a while before we know everyone.

Last week was a week of excitement. Sandi Rog's book, The Master's Wall, releases November 1. She and I talked several times last week and I am so excited for her. She is a very good author and a good friend.

In addition, my great-nephew sings with a group from his school, Mars Hill Bible School, in Florence, AL and their group was one of the top four selected by the Today Show to be in a contest for the Best Show Choir. I tried to get everyone I knew to vote for him, but they didn't win. I thought they were the best, but that is an aunt talking.

My knee is doing better. It is still swollen, but I expected that. I had a little bow leg and the doctor straightened that during surgery. My left foot hurts at the ankle and arch, but I think that is from the different angle I am walking now. No limp and no cane or walker. I go back to the doctor this week and we will talk about the right knee. It is giving way on me and I'm so scared I'll fall and mess up the left knee, or a hip.

I have plenty to do today and it's trying to rain. Good day to write. Have a wonderful day.


  1. Sorry to hear they didn't win. It's still awesome they made it so far!!

  2. I'm glad you got to be there with Susan at her book signing and that you were there to encourage her while she was ill.

    I hope your knee/leg makes a fast recovery.


  3. Thanks Sandi and Carta. Sandi, I hope you are feeling better/ Carta, Susan is in the hospital awaiting gall bladder surgery.