Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We're on Day 2 with Sandi Rog. I hope you enjoy it. Remember, Walks Alone is in ebook form until June 15, 2012, then you can buy the book.

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KA: You did a lot of research for this book. How long did it take you to research the Cheyenne Tribe and the massacre?

SR: That’s hard to say. I did a lot of reading (books by George Bird Grinnel dating back to the early 1900’s; George Bent, a half-breed that my main character is practically based on, taught him nearly everything about the Cheyenne), and watched a number of videos online, which put me in contact with Don Vasicek who is a filmmaker. He was creating films on the Cheyenne at the time. He’s also the one who put me in contact with Cheyenne Chief Laird Cometsevah. It’s amazing I did all this from Holland (the other side of the world), but God led me to all the right people.

KA: I know right now you are trying to adjust back into the life of a well wife and mother. Has this affected your writing?

SR: Yes. I’m desperate to write something “light” (I’ve had enough dark going on in my life this past year) but the novel I have a deadline for is “dark.” That’s book three in the Iron and the Stone series. I’m trying to find a way to make it light. It hasn’t been easy to get back in the writing saddle, so-to-speak.

KA: Do you have a special place you like to write?

SR: Nope. Just on my laptop. lol

KA: Do you prefer to dress to write, or stay in pj’s?

SR: It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing.

KA: Besides prayer before you begin to write, is there any other ritual you have?

SR: Yes, I do pray. Only I pray throughout the day and night when I think about it. And then while I’m writing. As for anything else, sometimes I’ll listen to music to get me in the mood. I used to love to walk, and while walking, I’d listen to songs that would inspire me for my next scene, etc. I’m getting strong enough to get out again to walk, but the weather has been too cold for me.

KA: Tell us about your family.

SR: I’ll have been married 20 years this July 4th. I lost an entire year during my cancer and I just realized (hubby had to remind me) that this year won’t be 19 years of marriage, but 20. I would really like to be able to do something special during that time. I won’t tell you where I’d like to go because it’s a setting I’d like to use for another book. :-)

I have four kids: Whitney who is 18, Kirsten who will be 15 this month, Aaron who is 11, and Chelsea who is 4.


  1. Nice interview. I've prayed about my writing but not often before I sit down and actually write. I think that's a great idea.

  2. Thanks HGlick for commenting. Yes, prayer is a huge help to me while I'm writing. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for having me, Kathy. xxx