Friday, January 20, 2012


Sometimes when we make a new friend, it sticks. That's what happened to me three years ago. I was going to my first conference for American Christian Fiction Writers, and I knew very few people. Everyone I did know already had roommates. Someone mentioned Sandi Rog and gave me her email address. From there, it is history.

We clicked. We had so much fun at that conference. That brings me to this blog. I wanted to tell you some things I know about Sandi.

1. She's a fighter. Not only battling cancer, but with her writing. I remember her chasing down acquisition editors and personally handing them her book, The Master's Wall. She wanted and needed that book to be published, and she stuck with it until it was.

2. She's a devoted wife and mother. She and her husband took me to dinner while we were there. Her children were so well-behaved. The three older children drew me into a conversation and talked to me on my level. That impressed me to think they had been taught to respect and appreciate their elders. Love you kids!

3. She giggles. Yes, Sandi Rog giggles. We giggled the whole time we were together, and now we giggle on the phone. She is so much fun. She enjoys life. When you have been through an experience like she has, you learn to enjoy every minute of your time on earth. You learn to appreciate what you have, and you never take it for granted again.

4. She's the best friend anyone could ever have. She loves to hear about what you are doing and enjoy in your life. She's good to give advice. She wants you to be happy. She wants you to succeed. I know this from experience. She's a keeper for sure.

Now that I've given you some information about Sandi, I ask you to check in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to learn more about her. She will be my guest on this blog. We'll talk about her, her family, and her writing. Her latest release is on ebook form, and it's so good. It's Walks Alone. I enjoyed reading it. It is on both Kindle and Nook for $3.99.

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