Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2012 started for us with good news. Sandi Rog has been declared in remission! That is the best news to begin the new year. She said there was no cancer in her bones or her blood. She will return to Arizona for one more treatment. She's still weak, but is getting stronger.

Our other good news was our son-in-law's heart surgery went well. They were able to do exactly what they wanted to do. He feels so much better. In February he will be weaned off his heart medicines. The Lord has been so gracious to us. I can't thank Him enough.

This year, my hubby and I decided to start going to the gym. There is a program for senior citizens, and we decided to try it. Yesterday was our first day and we both felt so much better after we returned home. We are both overweight, and we thought this might help us some. Anytime you move is good.

I'm anxious to get back to writing. I did a little yesterday, very little, but it was a start. I'm sorta stuck, but I had a good idea on how to go last night. I will begin my writing in a few minutes. I feel so good when I write. I want to continue, even if I never sell a book. It is good therapy for me.

My plans are to also start a store on Etsy. My daughter has one, and she's encouraged me to start making my purse organizers and some other things to sell on there. I love my purse organizer. It can be made in different sizes and has pockets on the inside for things that normally get lost in the black hole of your purse. It's also a light color so you can see what you have. I hope to get it started this month. You will hear more later.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2012, and I hope only good things come your way.

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