Sunday, January 22, 2012


This week my special guest is Sandi Rog. Sandi's latest release is Walks Alone. The ebook is available now for an amazing price of $3.99. That's both Kindle and Nook.

This action filled book tells about an Indian brave and a Dutch girl and their hardships and love. You will love it! The love story is amazing, and the mysterious White Eagle will make you fall in love with him.

Sandi is a wonderful Christian, very devoted to God and family. She and her family have been through a lot in the last year, but she's coming through with flying colors. When I call her, I can hear Chelsea singing in the background. It sounds so sweet to hear her voice, since she had been without her mama so much during the past year.

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KA: I’m sure everyone knows Sandi has had a rough year, being diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma the day her first book hit the shelves. It’s been a long year with chemo and radiation. At this moment, she is in remission, but has one more treatment in Arizona the last of this month.

So, Sandi, how are you feeling?

SR: I’m feeling a lot better, though I still have a ways to go before I get to “normal.”

KA: We won’t dwell on your illness, but look to more positive things. I believe Walks Alone was the first book you wrote. Why did you choose the Cheyenne and the Battle of Sand River?

SR: While I was working on the first book in my Iron and the Stone series, I needed to take a break from the research and time period. I wanted to write something light and something that didn’t require so much research. So, I started on Walks Alone. I put the setting in Colorado since that’s where I’m from, and I loved the idea of writing a story about a woman being kidnapped by Indians (Native Americans). So, I looked up the Indian tribe that would have been around during that time period, and when I learned about the Cheyenne, I was shocked to discover the atrocities of Sand Creek. I grew up in Colorado and knew nothing about it! It amazed me how I could spend all my childhood years in one place and never know what really took place in my home state.

KA: Was it hard to keep Anna from proclaiming her love for White Eagle?

SR: Not really. She was so naïve and so desperate to get to Denver City, I think she didn’t really know what love was until much later in the story.

KA: When do you like to write, morning or night?

SR: Whenever I can, really. 

Come back Wednesday for more information about Sandi. 


  1. so good to "see" you around again, Sandi. Wonderful chat here. Thanks Kat. Blessings to you both today!

    Kathy Maher

    1. I don't know how I missed that, but Kathy is here too! Thanks for coming by, Kathy. :-)

  2. Thanks Kathy for your comment. Sandi is special to me. I haven't heard from her today, but I should before long. I spoke to her last week and I'll be calling her again soon.

  3. Thank you for having me Kathy. It's great to see you, Debbie! Thanks for dropping by! xxx

  4. Katt, thanks for introducing Sandi to me. Sandi, wishing the best for you. I'm going to pick up a copy of Walks Alone - it sounds great!

  5. Thanks Renee. I hope you get to meet her at ACFW Conference this year. She's a wonderful person, and a good writer.