Friday, October 5, 2012


Do you hear the cadence? The drum roll is getting louder and louder. HERE IS THE OFFICIAL PICTURE OF THE BOOK COVER! I am so excited. Before I show it to you, let me tell you a little about the process.

Most of you know I struggled with a book cover that I didn't like. Then, a friend told me about Delia Latham, and I contacted her. She is a joy to work with. None of my idiotic questions bothered her. She was patient and kind to me, a novice. I had no idea what I was doing. We changed a few things, but the mountains are beautiful.

I asked for Blue Ridge Mountains. Some of the Smokey Mountain pictures were not exactly what I wanted. There is a difference. All mountains are not alike. I wish Callie and Jacob had more period clothes, but that is so hard to find. I love the expression on Callie's face. She's not about to marry Jacob. Okay, I've strung you along enough, so here it is. TA-DA!!!

So, what do you think? Personally I love it. I made it a little bigger so you could see her expression. Look at the mountain sunrise. Beautiful.

I have ideas for the next cover and I may try it myself. Don't know, but I have some good ideas. I love writing. Now, to have everything finished by October 15. I posted the cover and the blurb on Mantle Rock Publishing. Go take a look.


  1. Looking Good Katt, sounds like you are almost there. I hope it sells a million or maybe more.
    Paula O

    1. I only wish, Paula. I think that's stretching it a little bit. I'll be happy when I sell one and get a good report.
      Thanks as always for your comment. Pray your hubby is doing well.