Monday, October 1, 2012


This was one of the first things I saw this morning when I opened my email. It was from My Book Therapy Voices. This is so true. What would you do if you didn't write?

My house would be a lot cleaner and there would be more food cooked. My laundry would be done on time,  folded, hung, and I wouldn't have the basket of clothes to iron and mend. Since money would not be spent on books, conferences, and other writing related things, I would have more money. I would not be as happy.

Don't get me wrong, I do get unhappy when there's a lot of things to do around the house, but I am so happy when I write. The mundane housework would bore me to death. My daughter and I used to have a craft business. She made a magnet that said, "Dull housewives have immaculate houses." 

Imagination is something everyone needs to have. You can let it go to extremes, but a good dose of imagination is good for the soul. My children can tell you their mama had plenty imagination when they were young. I loved to tell them stories, and we played a lot of crazy games. It was never dull around our house, and it isn't today.

My advice to you is to write, if you feel you need to. Even if no one ever sees it, write. I have stories that will never see the light of day, but they helped me get through a tough time. Let your emotions fly. Put everything you have in what you write. Most of all, enjoy it.

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