Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am amazed at the number of people who received a free Kindle copy of Callie's Mountain. The reviews are beginning to trickle in and so far they have all been good and positive. Thanks to everyone who received a free copy and please post a comment on Amazon.

Yesterday I read that my printing company, Mantle Rock Publishing, is a boutique press. That's a new word  related to printing. I've been aware of vanity press where you pay to have your book published. I've never liked the idea of vanity press and in conferences we've been told to steer clear of them.

A boutique press is something different. I offer a very good commission, support, and knowledge of printing. I bring all those to the table. There are a few things the writer has to bring. The first thing is a good clean manuscript.

A clean manuscript has been critiques and edited. Critiquing is so important to any manuscript. Not only does your critique partner find mistakes, but it is different eyes reading it. Even before you send it to be critiqued, edit it yourself to make sure it sounds good. I use Auto Critique. You can use it for free with less than 400 words to be critiqued, or you can purchase it for as little as $47. Each person has their own needs, so it is priced at different versions. The largest can critique a whole 100,000 word book.

Auto Critique tells you how many times you duplicated the same word, and how many to cut out. It has made me see my writing mistakes and skills better. It's very easy to use, and I love working with it. I feel like I am better prepared when I send it to my critique partner.

Several people are anxious for the next book. I'm so excited that people want to read more. I'm anxious to get it finished so I can start working on the third in the series.

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