Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I thought I would bring you up to date on Susannah's Hope. The writing of the book is almost finished. I'm debating on the last few chapters. Should I stop when they are married, or should I take them back to Tennessee? I can't decide.

If you read Callie's Mountain, you know Susannah was a brat. She was self-centered and toward the end she began to be a gossip. In the beginning of this book, she is still self-centered and thinks the Melungeon people are dirty, lazy, and full of disease.

Something happens and she is forced to spend time in Mary Gibson's home. As you remember, Marry is a Melungeon mid-wife and healer. Can you imagine Susannah's shock when she wakes up to find she's been in a Melungeon's bed for a couple of weeks? So interesting.

Then, we'll see more of Dr. Val Minor. Our writer's group fell in love with him. That surprised me because I didn't think I had described him enough. Tall, dark, and handsome is his description. Brown eyes you can get lost in, and a curl falls down on his forehead. Does that entice you?

As with the other book and the next one in the series, we will be focusing on prejudice. I guess this is one of my stump speeches. I hate prejudice of people of color. I was taught to steer clear of Melungeons. Then I found out they were just like the rest of us. No different. Some are good and some are bad. You will find that in all races and peoples.

Susannah has a big problem. First she hate the Melungeons and then she loves them. Interesting isn't it? So, when will Susannah be published. Hopefully in June. I have made a cover and I like it. Now to finish with the critique and get it published.

My next book? I will leave the series for a while to write a book about Jekyll Island, GA. It is set in the early 1900. A different time for me to write, and a different book.


  1. Take them back to Tennessee. I'm waiting to add this to my Callie's Mountain. Hoping it will make it by June.
    Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  2. Thanks Maxie. You have spoken. I wanted to take them back to Tennessee to see whether there would be prejudice or not. I'm going in both directions. Now, we have a vote for Tennessee.
    I'm anxious to start on book 3. It starts in Tennessee, but ends in Kentucky. Emily is nudging me to tell her story. In fact, she's poking my ribs. I feel her.