Thursday, April 4, 2013


A couple of my friends are fans of Tim Downs books about The Bug Man, Dr. Nick Polchak. At our Writer's Retreat recently, Sandra Robbins quoted several of character points in the books. I'm not sure how many books Mr. Downs has written, but they are different ,and they gives you a good idea of great character development.

I bought the three-in-one bundle for my Kindle. I'm reading First the Dead. I have laughed so much with this character, Dr. Nick Polchak. Mr. Downs had developed a character that is at times unbelievable, and then when I think about it, I believe I know someone like him. I can picture Nick in my mind. That's good character development.

First the Dead is about Hurricane Katrina. We have all heard the stories about what went on there, and they are recorded in this book along with some fiction facts. We have a friend who bused the people from Baton Rogue to other places, as far as Fort Smith, Arkansas. He kept telling me it was horrible. I believed him, he doesn't lie, but unless you are there, you can't truly understand. This book has brought it all to life.

The next book is Less than Dead and the third is Ends of the Earth. Will I be reading more of Tim Downs' books. You bet! They are suspenseful, thrilling, and keep you glued to the page. I'm almost through with First the Dead. One place in the book, Dr. Polchak made a statement to the psychiatrist he thinks he's a bug. He can't socialize with the human world. I love it! Even his round thick glasses make him look bug-eyed.

There are so many authors with so many ways of writing, and Tim Downs has opened new doors for me. This is fresh writing, not the same old thing we've read before. It's is light reading, but also intense. I'm down in the Ninth Ward in that boat with him while he looks for bodies, which he's not supposed to do yet. I can even smell the stinking water. That is the kind of writing I like.

If you wan to try something different, read Tim Downs' books. If you have a queasy stomach, I don't recommend them. Personally, I am enjoying them.

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