Thursday, July 18, 2013


Personally, I hate change. I hate to have to learn to do something new. I want things to go on the way they have always gone. I don't like to learn new things. Maybe it's my age, I don't know, but I want things to stay the same way.

Lately the publishing industry has changed. It's been a gradual change, but it is definitely there. Publishers now want more contemporary books. I love the historical and western books, but I may have to change and learn to like contemporary.

My favorite next to historical/western is suspense. I love a good mystery, always have. I grew up with Nancy Drew books. I think I read all of them and through the years, I've owned a few. My favorite reading place was on my bed, curled up in a ball. I'd read until I fell asleep. My greatest pleasure was finding out who did it before the book ended.

Today I love to read several good suspense books. Most of what I am reading today is a contemporary suspense. At the present, I'm reading a book by Judith Miller. It's her latest one about the Amana Colony, A Simple Change. I should finish it this week-end and I hope to have a review next week.

With all of this change, what am I doing? I'm having to adjust and change with it. The book I am working on right now is a suspense and it is set in this day and age. I'm not very tech savvy, so I'm having to learn about new gadgets. I have made my heroine a little old fashioned. Like me, she likes to write things down with pen and paper. Everyone talks about putting all of their appointments on their cell phone, but I can't do that. I have my trusted Day Timer that I have had for twenty years. It still works and I can go back and check entries with just a turn of the page. My heroine will do the same thing.

Have your reading habits changed in the last year? Are you good at adjusting to change? I"d love to hear your comments.

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