Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watermelons and Other Things

Last year my husband raised a fifty pound watermelon in our yard. It's really a strip of flower bed, but somewhere through the years, seeds have been spit out in that area. Each year we have volunteer watermelons come up. This year so far we have pulled a 53.5 pound one and then the BIG ONE. My husband pulled the largest one yesterday and weighed it. It weighed 65 pounds! That is the biggest watermelon I have ever seen.

The children are coming home this week-end. We will have plenty of watermelon for them to eat. I've never tried watermelon pancakes, but they may be good. I'll try to get a picture of this whopper on in a few days.

The surveyors were out yesterday to survey the farm. I'm anxious to get a printout of it. At least there is progress going on. I'll start packing more after Labor Day. Right now I am packing what we don't need at this time. It is hard to decide what you will need.

I've sent the second chapter of my book to be edited. It is a short chapter and I may need to add more to it. I also made shuttle reservations in Denver to be picked up at the airport and again when I leave at the hotel. One less thing to worry about.

I'm cleaning again today and packing as I go. Next week, I will be packing more. I'm anxious to move and start a new adventure.

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