Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's are always good

Friday's are always good, but Sunday's are better. Friday is always a catch-up day for me before the week-end. When my children were small, it was cleaning day. Then I had Saturday and Sunday to spend with the family.

Writing will take a back seat today. I try to write a little each day. Yesterday I edited some, but I was at a hard place and had to think a lot. That's a big deal for me, thinking. I finally sat down at the computer last night and it hit me. I wanted a funny scene and I could not get it together. All day I thought about how I would try to avoid someone as they tried to see me. Then it hit me and I have a good scene going, I think.

Sometimes when I write, I have to give it space for a while. I am sure every other writer has the same blocks at times. You have to do something else and then it hits you. There it was all the time and you couldn't see through the fog. Each time I edit my chapters, I fall in love with my book.

Okay, today is a busy day. I need to finish cleaning up my house and put things in boxes. It is harder to pack when you are dividing things to keep and to sell. Right now our sell boxes are much more than our keep boxes.

This is exciting and I am looking forward to being in our new place. I am also anxious for our place to sell. The realtor says it will sell fast, I hope and pray that it will. They won't be able to go to the Planning Commission until next month and maybe then we can get things moving.

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