Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Cowgirl at Heart"

With all the snow we're having in Kentucky, it's been a good time to read and write. The last book I read was "Cowgirl at Heart" by Christine Lynxwiler.

This is the second book in the McCord Series. The first blew me away as this one did also. Chris is a wonderful writer and when you read, you see, feel, smell and hear what she does.

The McCords had adopted most of their children and Elyse was one of them. Her story is amazing and her fear is evident from the beginning. She is afraid of almost everything, except dogs. Then comes Andrew Stone. Andrew wants to fall in love with her, but he can't until the murder of his wife is solved. Naturally Elyse falls for him and she could never talk to humans outside of her family.

The book is a mystery, a love story and a downright funny book. So many things are everyday happenings. Nothing flashy, but good reading. This was the first time I knew anyone else dipped their hush puppies in tartar sauce. My husband does that. Funny what you can read in a book.

Chris, I'm looking forward to many more books from you. The way you weave all of your books together is amazing. I love you Sister!

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