Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sunday I started research for a new book. Haven't decided if it will be a series or a stand alone, but it's one I want very much to do. With the research, I found my timeline was much later than I thought it was, so that makes more research. I won't tell what it is about yet, but I feel it will be good.

When we left Kentucky the first of January, I sent Sandi Rog several chapters to edit while I was gone. I'm finishing them and hope to have them completed before the next eye surgery. It takes about a week before I can see well enough to do much on the computer.

Sandi is a wonderful editor. I can't praise her enough. She knows what she's doing, most of the time. Her head would swell if she knew what I really thought about her. We have become great friends.

One scene I wrote was "the laundry scene" and every time I drifted away in another scene, she would write, "Remember the laundry scene." Believe it or not, it helped. I felt the laundry scene was one of the best I had ever written. Two women doing their laundry and carrying on a conversation. I remember my mother and grandmother doing that.

Snow is still on the ground but it is sunny today. I love the sunshine. It was cloudy yesterday and I became so depressed, but I struggled on and finished another chapter that Sandi had sent me. I hope to finish two chapters today.

So many blessings come from God and our friends. Enjoy them and lavish yourself with them. All days are good days!

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