Thursday, February 4, 2010

My mind is working overtime

Today my mind seems to be working overtime. I can't keep up with it. So much to do and such little time to do it in.

We leave tomorrow for Tennessee where I will have the cataract removed in my right eye. I am excited since I can already see so much better. The doctor assures me I will have a matched set.

One of my problems in writing is I don't use contractions. I'm trying so hard to do better, but it's hard for me. I know a story flows better if it is written in language we are familiar with. I don't speak that formal, or at least I don't think I do. Why do I write so formal? I'm wondering if it goes back to school and more formal English.

I'm doing better with my writing. I'm beginning to let myself go and write more interesting scenes and put more of myself in my books. I do have a good sense of humor, or at least that's what many people say. I'm trying to put more humor in my books.

This will be the last blog until I return the last of next week. By then, I should be seeing so much better. I'm excited about this, although my son says we're about to run out of eyes. I'm glad we don't have three or four.

Have a wonderful week and I should be back by Friday, if the Lord wills. Then I should be seeing better and ready to write better.


  1. Good on you Cathy!
    The best in life is the hardest and needs one to strive. Good things come to those who...persevere!
    So..hold my hand,and we'll struggle together.
    Blessings. Crystal.

  2. I hope your surgery went well.