Friday, January 21, 2011

New Knee

My new knee is wonderful. The week before surgery, I began to have some doubts. What if it was worse and didn't work? What if I died during surgery? You know, all those thoughts you have.

Number One, I have the best surgeon in these parts. He would not let anything happen to me. He gets to know the patient and the family before surgery and you feel comfortable with him. This knee is the cream of the crop. It is so good and if I didn't look at the scar on my left leg, I would not know I had already had a new knee there.

So far, on day nine, I am recovering nicely. The device says it will give you a 120 degree bend at the knee. On my left knee, I can bend it back 130 degrees. Yesterday, eight days after surgery, I bent the right knee back 84 degrees. That is very good.

I can walk with a cane, but I know at times I need to walker. I do walk with the cane when I am feeling stronger and if I don't have far to go. My right knee feels strong.

I know this is nothing about writing. I could write some really weird stories after they gave me pain meds. I seemed to hallucinate. That's over now and I plan to write or critique some today. I've finally caught up on the emails, so I feel more like getting to work.

I hope the sun is shining as brightly for you as it is for me. Have a wonderful day and thank God for it.

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