Monday, February 14, 2011

I Have Reclaimed My House

After almost five weeks of letting my husband wait on me, I decided today to reclaim my house. I started with the kitchen and the dishwasher is full and running nicely.

Next will be the laundry and our bedroom/bathroom. It needs reclaiming. From there I will go to the living room. My dining room table is full of junk. Why do we always have to have someplace to put mail, things we need to throw away, and just anything that we don't want to find a home for? Well, hopefully tomorrow I can take care of that.

I have had a hard time finding things in the kitchen. Why does my husband refuse to put lids in the dishwasher? I have several in there now that he has not put in for a long time. They need washing also. The cabinet with the baking utensils in it is a mess. It may take me a day to clean it out.

All in all I have to say he's been so good about all this. I pray that I don't have to have another surgery for years. I would do this knee surgery again. It is so wonderful. I have a little tenderness at the scar, but that is about all. I get very tired when I do too much and I have to rest. The surgery has been a success and the doctor, is great. I went to church yesterday without a cane or a walker.

Away to clean up some of the house and make it look straight again. Have a super day.


  1. Today marks 2 weeks since my surgery. My flexation was 117.
    I am worried about reclaiming my house. Bless his heart, Don has been wonderful and kept all the dishes washed. Even cleaned the toilet! But all that "stuff" he can't find where to put - well, it is everywhere. I had strep throat this weekend, which did not help things. The antibiotics are working. Glad you are doing well. Pat

  2. I know what you mean. Mine will still not fold clothes. He'll put them in the washer and hang up what needs to be hung up, but the basket stays there on the floor.

    You're really doing goo at 117. I think I was at 105 at 2 weeks. I'm still having to rest a lot. I hope that gets better soon.

    Take care.