Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's He Really Thinking?

I'm not a big fan on non-fiction books, but this book by Paula Rinehart is an exception. We, as wives, think we know exactly what our husbands are thinking, or at least I did. That was until I read this book. Now, I find it better to ask what he is thinking.

I highly recommend this book for a ladies class at a church. The scripture is accurate and explains her statements. There are some subjects that I would not consider to be discussed in a teenage girls class. The intimacy chapter is one of them. Some of these girls might not understand how important love making is to a marriage and as Paula puts it, "In the big picture of your relationship, you are experiencing in your best moments with this man some aspect of God that, otherwise, you would know only as a concept. It is this man's strength or courage or care that gives you a tiny peek behind the veil."

We, as women, see things differently than man. I know from my experience that my husband loves to go to a ball game, any ball game. I don't exactly like it, but I go and watch the people. I'm not the biggest ball fan in the world, but I do enjoy seeing people. So, he pays the price of a pro game for me to watch the people. That's love and understanding.

It is a effort to make a marriage work and we do need to understand the man in our life. There are days we don't feel like doing what he wants to do, but talk it out. One thing I thought was so good for married couples. When you have an argument, wait 48 to 72 hours to talk about it. It gives you time to cool down and get your thoughts together. You never want to point your finger at your spouse and accuse them of something that may be petty to you or something they may no realize they did.

I recommend this book highly. It gets a big five stars for me. Something we all can learn from, even if we are newly wed, or married for 50 years.

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