Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deep Bible Study

For some time I have wanted to get more depth out of my Bible study. We read the words, but do we study? I felt I was lacking in really studying.

I do study more when I am writing an article for our ForChristianGirls website. I go to the Word and make comparisons of scriptures to use. It is hard to do sometimes, and I feel so unprepared.

A friend of mine put something on Face Book that really hit me in a good way. A way to study, deep study the Bible for the next year. Cindy Colley wrote How to Dig Deep for the Meat of the Word. I was very impressed, and I'm starting a few days early on the September assignment. I think I can do it. If you would like to follow along with me, please feel free to do it. I think we will all benefit.


Read through the book of Genesis and write down every promise. 
Read it until you can tell its story in sequence.
Memorize Genesis 3:15 and Genesis 12:2
Understand that the Bible’s theme from Genesis 3:15  forth is “Redemption”. 
Go to cindycolley.blogspot.com, subscribe and read twice weekly this month.

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