Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plans for Today

I was wondering what to write about today, and I'm stuck. I thought I might tell you what I do in a day.

Already, there is a load of clothes in the washer. My husband and grandson #1 have gone fishing, so I am in peace and quiet. No mumbling from the family room, from my husband, and I'm not watching Disney channel with Chet. What are my plans?

Today is Wednesday and first on my list is to prepare for church tonight. We are studying Revelations and I am enjoying it so much. I'll have to stop long enough to study a little before tonight.

Now, daily chores. There are two more loads waiting to be washed and clothes folding to do. When I get tired, I'll do that off and on through the morning.

Writing. I'm critiquing a book for a friend, and she just sent me a chapter. I like to get the chapters back as soon as possible. I need to do that first. My friend is also critiquing my book, and I need to go over the next chapter and send it to her.

My office is in a spare bedroom with a twin bed. The grandchildren have each claimed it as their room. When they spend the night, I can't write, so I am getting ready to move my office to the family room. It is colder in the winter in this room and the family room is warmer. My husband has his office on one end and I hope to put mine at the other.

With this development, I have to clean off my desk. Everyone who has seen my office know what a mess it is. My Bible and date book are usually on the bed and there are papers all round it. My desk at this moment is piled up and it causes me to want to be here less and less. My plan. Clean off the desk as much as I can today. A little each day helps.

When my mother passed away I found a lot of handkerchiefs that we had all had years ago. I pulled out eight that were fairly good, and pretty, to put in a skirt. The skirt has eight gores and a little flare that's sown onto the bottom of each gore. I've put a handkerchief on each flare. I found a pale pink floral at Hancock's in Paducah. If you are ever in Paducah, go by Hancock's at Exit 4. It is so nice to browse the fabric.It's one of my favorite places.

That's about my day, except for cooking. What's happening in your day?

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