Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is proving to be a busy week. It started with a doctor's appointment early Monday morning, and it hasn't slowed down yet. I did get good news from the doctor. He does not think he will have to make an incision in the scar that has been opened four times already. I did ask for a zipper. He thinks he can do a laproscopic incision. ( I can't find out how to spell that, so bear with me.) That way he can put a large piece of mesh in my abdominal cavity and it should take care of the hernias. We had a long talk about that.

Yesterday we went to buy drapes for my living room. We've had vertical blinds in the living room since we bought the house. I don't like them. They don't give a lot of light, and the gas heat makes them grimy. It's hard to open them wide enough to clean the windows. When the drapes come, I can open the windows and let the light stream in, plus clean the windows better.

Today I got my hair cut. Short and sassy. I have a lot of curl in my hair. Thanks to a very high fever and being unconscious for over a week. Strong antibiotics helped also. My hair fell out, but came back curly. I had been wearing it long, and it looked horrible. I looked like a witch. I stood as much as I could. Today it is gone. The curls are back, and I love it. Just finger comb an go. So easy!

Something else I had to do today was defend the Bible to a Muslim. Go to and see how I defended the Bible. This gentleman tried to show how the Quran was right about the diety of Christ. That He was not the Son of God, and only a fleshly mortal. It's very sad that Muslims believe this book. It is so different to what the Bible teaches. We need to become more aware of it.

Church tonight will just about round out my day. Sorry this is so late. I hope to have an interview with Liz Curtis Higgs on next week. I've gotten behind on it also.   


  1. Thanks for sharing about your health, so sorry you have to go through all of this, praying all will be well for you. My husband has had a lesion in lung found and will have surg on the 30th to remove so can feel for you, the never ending test and dr app.take care.
    Paula O

  2. Thanks Paula. Mine has been so much pain. This all happened eight years ago from a hernia repair due to a colostomy reversal. The doctor nicked my small intestines, and all this has happened since then. I pray the doctor can do what he says he can do and it will correct all my problems. I will be praying for your husband. Surgery is no fun.