Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yes, I have very exciting news! I have good and bad, but we'll do the good first. I don't have a date, yet, but Liz Curtis Higgs will be my guest the last part of May. Right now she is in Scotland and does not have very good internet connections.

On May 16, I will have one of her devotionals on It really touched me, and I thought it would do the same for girls. The publishing company gave me permission to publish it and to interview her. Since she is in Scotland, her interview will be later.

Liz is one of the most precious people I know. Being the American Fiction Christian Writer's Kentucky Area Coordinator, I had written her several times. She attended conference last year in St. Louis. Before the first meeting, I spied her alone holding up a pillar. I walked up to her and introduced myself. Arms went out and I received the biggest hug I have ever received outside of family. She is a wonderful lady and I love her dearly.

I began reading her books several years ago. The site of one was on the Island of Arron, off the coast of Scotland. When we went there several years ago, that was my destination, and I loved it. It was so beautiful. We visited Brodick Castle, and a young man played Georgia when I entered the parlor. Beautiful. The castle is my screen saver on my computer.

Liz has graciously agreed to be interviewed when she returns home after the May 21.

Now the bad news. I go to the surgeon tomorrow. I had an appointment scheduled with my general practitioner yesterday and he got the results form the CT scan. He let me read it. I'm a mess in my belly. I have a diverticulitis that is inflamed. I'm on antibiotics for that. It's better this morning. I also have a diviticulosis (not the correct spelling)  that is strangling my colon. Not good. It will be an incision. So glad I'll have another scar to go with the other ten on my stomach. If I miss more times writing than normal, you will know where I'll be.

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