Friday, May 18, 2012


That's the name of my presentation tomorrow. The author that comes to mind with the best hooks is Mary Connealy. In Out of Control, Chapter 2, the first paragraph reads, "Rafe spurred his horse to a ground-eating gallop and enjoyed her arms around him way more than was wise."

Chapter 1 hooked me, but chapter 2 hooked me more. What kind of a guy was he that was really enjoying having a woman's arms around him? In fact, he was enjoying it too much. I wanted to read more about this guy. Was he an idiot or something? After reading the book, I found out he was, but not the worse idiot. He comes out in the third book.

At the end of each book, there is a hook for the next book. This is a true series and not a stand alone. This is the way to tie the books together. After reading the second book, I pre-ordered the third. I had to have it. The hook was too good. To me, that's good writing.

The hook in the first chapter of this book is "Last time. This is it. Never again." I wanted to know what it was he was thinking about. It intrigued me so I read on. That was a good hook. It got my attention. What was this thing that was the last time for him and he would never do it again?

Narrative or dialogue? Most go with narrative, but be careful that you don't go to telling instead of showing. It's easy to do that. Just keep in the character's POV. It doesn't have to be long. It can be a few sentences, or one sentence.

I'm back to finishing my presentation. Tomorrow is my big day. I pray I know enough of what I'm talking about.

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