Wednesday, May 16, 2012


That's one question I ask all the time now that I'm retired. Yesterday I called my nephew in Scotland, and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was getting ready for his class tomorrow night. Then I realized it was Tuesday. It's amazing how we lose time when we don't work at a job. I usually count my days by going to church, but since I haven't been able to go regularly, that's been more difficult.

For years, I lived with a date book, appointment calender, or whatever you call it. It sits on my desk, but sometimes I still get mixed up. Today I had a notation to reprint an article by Liz Curtis Higgs on Did that! I hope you have read some of her books. This is a devotional book called Rise and Shine. It's not the newest of her books, but it is good to read a few moments in the mornings. I have enjoyed it so much to help get my day started. Drop by and read what she says about Good Groom-ing.

Back to work on Hook My Book. I'll still take any ideas anyone else has. If you want a copy when I finish, let me know. My email is,. Have a wonderful day.

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